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Website terms of use


    1. Welcome to the official Bar-Ilan University website (“Site”), owned by Bar-Ilan University, a registered association No. 580063683 ("the University").
    2. The following Terms of Use (“TOU”) govern every access and/or use of the Site by the users and might change from time to time according to the University’s sole discretion.
    3. Prior logging on / browsing the Site, the user is required to read this TOU carefully. Any Logging on / browsing the Site constitutes confirmation that user had read and agreed to the TOU without any restriction or reservation.

Limitation of Liability

    1. This Site and any content available through it are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. You expressly agree that the use of this Site and/or its content is at your sole responsibility.
    2. The University makes no representations and is not responsible for any explicit or implied responsibility associated with the Site and its uploaded content and/or in connection with its suitability for a specific purpose or user requirements.
    3. Any use of the Site will be made at the sole responsibility of the user. The user will not have any claim and / or legal demand against the University relating to the Site and / or its use and / or the use of a third party, regarding of any direct or indirect damage, resulting from use and / or due to reliance on third party content and / or due to any violation of privacy and / or other infringement following such use.
    4. Under no circumstances, including and without limitation, , shall the University or anyone other on its behalf, be liable for any direct or indirect damages, including accompanying, consequential, incidental or punitive damages (in addition to, and without prejudice the generality of the aforementioned, compensation for loss of employment and business, loss of profits, interruptions and work interruptions, loss and / or loss of business information, damage to reputation, and any loss and / or other pecuniary damage) in relation to the use of the Site or caused by the use of it.
    5. The University is not responsible for any illegal activity carried out, insofar as it is carried out, by any of the users of the Site and / or any other person on the Internet which the University has no control over.
    6. Without the exception of the above, the user is not allowed to:
      1. Make commercial use of the Site and / or through it.
      2. Disrupt or violate any other user's right on the Site and / or the Internet, including the right to privacy and / or collect personal information about the users of the Site, including by automatic means.
      3. Harm another user's dignity or privacy and / or use the site to damage the good name of any person and / or publish incitement, fraud, deception, defamation and / or any other information that is false, unreliable or that may intentionally cause harm.
      4. Use the wireless network to harm any person and / or company, in any way.
    7. Failure to comply with these restrictions may lead to the prevention of the user's access to the Site and even expose him to civil and / or criminal liability, according to any law and legislation.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. The University owns the intellectual property rights of the Site. The University owns intellectual property rights and/or has been granted permission to use the contents of the Site.
  2. You shall not (and shall not permit or encourage any other person or entity to) copy, publish, reproduce, modify, process, sell, publicly display, in full and / or any part of the Site and / or the content appearing on it, without the prior written consent of the University.
  3. As the site has links to other websites, the University will not be responsible for the content appearing on those linked sites and will not bear any responsibility for any direct or indirect damage that may be caused to the user as a result of visiting these sites. In addition, the University does not warrant that all links will be valid.

Privacy Policy

  1. The access to the site and its use are subject to the Privacy Policy and this Terms of Use, which together constitute a binding legal document between the user and the University. Use of the Services will be deemed to the user's consent to all terms, conditions, and notices.


  1. All actions on the Site shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Israel, and any dispute regarding compliance with the provisions of this agreement will be heard in the competent courts of Israel in the city of Tel Aviv.