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Research Approach



At Bar-Ilan University, the guideline for research, in all areas, is “Influencing Tomorrow, Today.” This is the case in all of BIU’s faculties, research institutes and multidisciplinary impact centers, where researchers – academic faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and medical and research students – conduct diverse research in all of the university’s fields of knowledge.

The research is undertaken in different venues - in laboratories and greenhouses, in virtual space, among the general population or a defined group of people, in the urban environment and in nature. The research makes a theoretical contribution to the relevant fields of knowledge, while also providing applied knowledge for larger projects and initiatives, which strive to drive the institution forward and find solutions to problems in a wide range of areas. In accordance with the vision of the Bar-Ilan University President, Prof. Arie Zaban, Bar-Ilan has adopted the “Impact” approach, with researchers from various fields joining together to solve pressing real-world research challenges.