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14.05.2023 | כג אייר התשפג

Revolutionize the Energy Industry and Address Climate Change

Meet Mohamed; he could have opted for a research fellowship in Paris, but he chose Bar-Ilan, instead.


“I was thrilled when I discovered the opportunity to travel to Israel for my research at Bar-Ilan University, one of Israel's major academic institutions renowned for its quality in research and teaching. Despite some initial concerns about venturing outside of my comfort zone and facing new challenges, I am excited to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”.

Mohamed, a master's student in the Department of Materials Science, Energy, and Nanoengineering at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco, is conducting research in the field of materials for energy storage, specifically in solid-state sodium batteries.

Solid-state sodium batteries have the potential to revolutionize the energy industry and help address climate change-related problems. By reducing dependence on expensive and rare minerals like lithium, these batteries offer a low-cost, high-capacity energy storage option for renewable energy sources.

What Mohamed admires most about Israel, and BIU, is its rich history and culture, stunning natural surroundings, and thriving technological industry.

“I am looking forward to learning from specialists and expanding my knowledge and skills in the field of materials for energy storage.