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29.10.2020 | יא חשון התשפא

Meet Miriam Blum

who is completing her final year of undergraduate studies at BIU’s School of Communication and Department of Political Studies.

Miriam Blum

She made Aliyah from New York four years ago and during her National Service, was a tour guide in Jerusalem’s Old City. As one of Bar-Ilan University’s 900 international students, she is glad to pursue a BA degree in Israel and actively encourages others from abroad to enroll. Weathering the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, she made her first Pesach Seder in Givat Shmuel, where she resides. Meet Miriam Blum, 22, who is completing her final year of undergraduate studies at BIU’s School of Communication and Department of Political Studies.

Upbeat about her Bar-Ilan experience, she is especially grateful for all the support in addressing Coronavirus challenges. “We may be far from home, but there are so many people here at Bar-Ilan looking out for our well-being. I’m truly touched by the care and support I’ve received,” she says, noting the Corona updates in English, the messages from the International School director and staff, and the online Zoom sessions with the Deputy President explaining the situation in Israel. Miriam, who works for the International School’s Marketing and Recruitment Office, has given campus tours and travelled as far as South Africa to interest prospective students in BIU’s academic offerings in both English and Hebrew. She shares some personal insights below.

Why I chose to study here?

I wanted to learn in a place where I could go grow in my Jewish identity and be exposed to a top-notch education at the same time. Studying in a country that holds so much significance within my Jewish faith is huge. I chose Bar-Ilan because it personifies the wonderful duality of “Torah u’Madah” (Torah and Science) – core values stemming from Jewish tradition coupled with groundbreaking research, top professors in their fields and enriching classes. I also heard many good things about the university from my older sister, who’s a Bar-Ilan graduate.

What I enjoy most at Bar-Ilan:

My degree is dynamic and exciting. Classroom discussions and having lecturers from different backgrounds (e.g. British, American, Israeli) have given me new perspectives about the world and its politics, and pushes me to analyze society within a much bigger picture. The International School has made the process of applying to BIU so smooth and simple. As a worker, they have helped me in seeing a formidable career that I can pursue in the future. Student life and activities at Bar-Ilan are really vast and a lot of fun. We have had concert performances, festivals, social evening activities and more. The student government here really makes sure that BIU's students are having fun during their academic experience.

Future plans:

To study and specialize in the area of diplomacy and foreign affairs, to be a voice for Israel, to advocate for Aliyah and integration, and to work to minimize the distance between foreigners and Israelis.

My favorite corner on campus:

The white benches by the fountain (in front of building #217), where I sit so peacefully. I like the quieter, less popular areas.

What I will take with me from my Bar-Ilan studies:

Bar-Ilan has given me a fascinating look into Israeli life. Being here has enabled me to see how vibrant and full of life Israeli society is. I have many different opportunities available to me when I graduate because of the exposure Bar-Ilan has given me.

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