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01.11.2020 | יד חשון התשפא

Meet Tai Shoshani

Meet Tai Shoshani, 20, of Ramat Gan, who’s enrolled in her third year at BIU’s Faculty of Law and has been enriching her Jewish knowledge at the Midrasha on campus.


She’s pursuing her LLB at Bar-Ilan University as part of the Israel Defense Forces’ selective “Atudah” (Academic Reserve) program. Bright, highly motivated and now religiously observant, she is combining her academic training with Torah studies. Meet Tai Shoshani, 20, of Ramat Gan, who’s enrolled in her third year at BIU’s Faculty of Law and has been enriching her Jewish knowledge at the Midrasha on campus. After she completes her law degree in early spring, Tai will attend the IDF’s Officers Training Academy, and then take a supplementary Legal Office Training Course run by the Military Advocate General’s Corps (MAG Corps), before being assigned to a specific position in the Military Prosecution.

Why I chose to study this field:
I felt the need to contribute to my country as much as possible. I want to do meaningful IDF service, to reach my potential and to serve the State of Israel in the best possible way.

What I enjoy most at Bar-Ilan:
The wrap-up discussions with our lecturers. Suddenly, without even noticing, another semester comes to a close and students bring snacks to class and share their personal thoughts about the course and the lecturer – a sort of review of all that we went through. It gives us perspective.
In class, I am somewhat of an anomaly. Amid all the laptops, I have my mandala book and some 72 colored pencils. While everyone else is copiously taking notes, I am… coloring. It actually helps me to concentrate on the material, and enjoy the whole learning process. So at the conclusion of my academic studies I take with me this amazing book, which I’ve worked on for hours.

My favorite corner on campus:
The lawn next to the Faculty of Law (near Building 305). I have spent a great deal of time there during my university studies, chatting with friends or just taking a siesta in the sun.

Future Plans:
My plans for the future are huge. Following graduation, I will spend the next six years working in the Military Prosecutor’s Office. But my aspirations are a little different. My biggest dream is to establish a home of my own, a family of my own. I dream of touching as many hearts as possible in this generation, which is beset with pain. I want to help bridge gaps in our nation, and to be much more connected to G-d, the Torah, to myself and to the Jewish People. Apart from the degree, I work in an organization called “El Ami,” running workshops in secular schools about Israeli Jewish Israeli identity.

What I will take with me from my Bar-Ilan studies?
I have been involved in several special programs at the university, including the Midrasha’s Tikvah Fellowship workshop, where we discussed burning issues on the Israeli public agenda from various angles, e.g., the interface between Judaism and democracy, family, economy, Shabbat; and the Brookdale Foundation’s Kesher (Connection) Program – I meet once a week with a wonderful elderly woman who lives near me. I also took a fascinating course on Mishpat Ivri (Jewish Law) concerning individuals with disabilities and a highly informative class on Hilchot Shabbat (the Laws of the Sabbath).

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