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25.03.2024 | טו אדר ב' התשפד

ChemLife: Life-Improving Research Collaborations

ChemLife, the newly established center for translational chemistry at Bar-Ilan university’s Department of Chemistry connects leading research groups in the fields of health, agriculture and food for the development of innovative medication and food supple


As a central branch of science, chemistry provides vital tools to understand how the human body and the world around us function. ChemLife, the newly established center for translational chemistry at Bar-Ilan university’s Department of Chemistry, translates research findings into practical applications that directly impact our lives.

The center connects several research groups with diverse expertise ranging from synthetic chemistry, data science, analytical chemistry, spectroscopy and more. The groups lead innovative research in the fields of health, agriculture and food, focusing on small molecules designed for the detection and diagnosis of various diseases, especially cancer and neurological diseases. The applications developed following research are food supplements, food substitutes and biological fertilizers, with a constant eye into the future and an aspiration for further development of smart materials in additional fields.

Collaborations are at the heart of research at the center of ChemLife. As a multi-group research unit, the center harnesses the collective expertise and knowledge of the team of experts partnering in various fields of chemical sciences for the future of human health and well-being. Through fruitful strategic partnerships within academia and industry, ChemLife leads researchers work together to translate scientific breakthroughs into tangible progress. The working groups focus on addressing three vital learning areas:

MedTech - This group focuses on medical diagnostics, drug delivery, nanomedicine and the study of biological materials. The group's goal is to revolutionize the field of medical diagnostics and usher in a new era of improved patient care.

Agro/FoodTech - A sustainability and food security group, focusing on developing sustainable materials for plant protection, food preservation and food safety. The group aims to enhance the nutritional value of crops and investigate novel food supplements that will shape agriculture and food production towards a greener and safer future.

Therapeutics - The therapeutics group is at the forefront of developing next-generation drugs, from antibiotics to anti-inflammatory biological substances, cancer treatments and neurodegenerative diseases. The group is committed to advancing solutions in health and exploring the integration of artificial intelligence in the development of innovative drugs.