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09.04.2024 | א ניסן התשפד

Beyond Humanitarian Aid

Israel must take action to regain international legitimacy and address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

humanitarian aid

Israel faces a significant challenge in its ongoing conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The extensive damage and humanitarian suffering caused by the fighting have led to growing international criticism, even from Israel's closest allies, such as the United States. Many in the international community believe that Israel is not doing enough to facilitate the delivery of aid to the people of Gaza, who are facing a severe shortage of food, electricity, and healthcare.

While Israel maintains that Hamas is primarily responsible for the crisis due to its tactic of embedding itself among civilians, the world still holds Israel accountable for the dire situation.

The destruction and human suffering in Gaza have become a global political and cultural issue, potentially causing long-term reputational damage to Israel.

To regain international legitimacy and support, Israel must take proactive steps to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. This means working diligently to ensure that aid and supplies reach the affected population as quickly as possible. By demonstrating a genuine commitment to alleviating the suffering, Israel can show the world that it prioritizes the well-being of civilians, even in the midst of a complex conflict.

Furthermore, Israel should align itself with U.S.-led proposals for regional peace, which include the prospect of a future Palestinian state. By engaging in a diplomatic process and showing a willingness to work towards a broadly acceptable political vision for Gaza and the wider Palestinian arena, Israel can gain international backing and make it more difficult for Hamas to garner support from the Palestinian people.

Adopting this approach will make it easier for Israel's allies, particularly the United States, to continue providing support and assistance. Moreover, it will help to improve Israel's image on the global stage and potentially lead to better relations with other Middle Eastern countries.

Ultimately, Israel must demonstrate its commitment to peace and its readiness to work towards a fair and comprehensive solution to the conflict. By taking the initiative to address the humanitarian crisis and engaging in a credible diplomatic process, Israel can protect its interests while laying the groundwork for a more stable and prosperous future for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Originally published on BESA.