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08.05.2024 | ל ניסן התשפד

Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B) Now Available in English

This innovative program blends a comprehensive law curriculum in English with in-depth Hebrew legal language training and culminates in real-world practical experience

בית משפט

Bar-Ilan University's Faculty of Law is at the forefront of legal research and education in Israel. The Faculty is constantly developing and innovating new fields of research, study programs, and legal clinics to provide students with the most cutting-edge legal education, now available in the English language.

The Faculty's mission is to equip students with the essential skills to think like a lawyer, including analytical skills, critical thinking, eloquent written and oral expression, negotiation, and representation skills. Additionally, students acquire a broad education on law and society through theoretical courses, research studies, hands-on and practical experience through workshops and legal clinics.

The Faculty is led by excellent professors and teachers, many of whom are graduates of Ivy League and top universities worldwide. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive legal education, with the first and second years focusing on the basic fields of law, such as contracts, criminal law, public law, and torts. In the third and fourth years, students participate in clinics, workshops, placements, and seminars, focusing on one of the available tracks.

Eight legal clinics provide legal assistance, undertake legal research, and engage in educational activities and legal activism to advance causes that are not granted sufficient consideration in today's legal system. These clinics are a testament to the Faculty's dedication to championing the rights of all of Israel's citizens and inspiring students and graduates to use their professional training to benefit others.

The Faculty also offers a unique program for international students, with the first year conducted in English, accompanied by 800 hours of ulpan studies in Hebrew, including 200 hours dedicated to legal Hebrew studies. The second year is an integrative year, where students take part in the faculty's program in Hebrew while assisted by a qualified staff through a designated program. By the third year, students study courses in Hebrew alongside their Israeli counterparts.

Admission to the international track is subject to the discretion and approval of the university admissions committee, with candidates required to submit a matriculation certificate/high school diploma, recommendation letters, and any other relevant documents. The SAT Total Grade requirement for the program is 1,320+.

Graduates of Bar-Ilan University's Faculty of Law have a high success rate in the Israeli Bar exam, with around 98% passing the exam. The Faculty's students are also welcomed and integrated into top law firms in Israel and serve in many public offices as legal attorneys and policy makers.

The Faculty offers a comprehensive placement program to help students achieve the best internships in the market, assisting with resume writing, job interview preparation, and contacting potential employers. The Faculty also organizes job fairs, hosting the best law firms and other employers to meet and interact with students.

Graduates of Bar-Ilan's LLB program are eligible to take Bar exams in most common law legal systems, including the USA (New York and California) and Canada, depending on various conditions and additional requirements specific to each state. Graduates can also register for the England and Wales Bar Examinations (SQE - Solicitors Qualifying Examination).

Registration is open