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Student Scholarships

As a public university, Bar-Ilan is committed to creating a student body as diverse as Israeli society itself. To fulfill this mission, it needs to make a Bar-Ilan education accessible to all motivated students, regardless of socioeconomic level or backgr

When Sarah* first applied to Bar-Ilan, she couldn’t even afford to pay the registration fee. “If not for a cousin recognizing how important it was for me to obtain a higher education and insisting on paying the fee for me, I wouldn’t be here today.” By “here,” she means studies toward a first degree in law and a second in political science at Bar-Ilan’s prestigious Faculty of Law. It’s a reality, she concedes, that seemed impossible just a few years ago, when, as an agunah (a woman denied a Jewish divorce by her husband) with three young children, she discovered that she had been saddled with her husband’s enormous debts.

A scholarship from Bar-Ilan enabled Sarah to fulfill her dreams of a college degree—a degree that will ensure her a means of livelihood, and pave her family’s path to financial security. Determined to pay it forward, Sarah dedicates her free time to lobbying for women’s legal rights; she also played a key part in the amendment of a law in the Knesset that makes it easier for single parents who both work and study to receive child support.

Sarah is one of a thousand students who received financial support from Bar-Ilan to pursue their studies last year. These students—many of whom come from disadvantaged populations—will bring the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired at Bar-Ilan back to their communities, and become productive citizens in Israel’s growing economy. In this way, investing in our students is an investment in not only their future, but the future of Israel’s society and state as a whole.


Opening Doors to a Different Future

Students come to Bar-Ilan from different backgrounds and with a wide range of accomplishments, perspectives, and aspirations for their future. To support the creation of a diverse student body, we have a similarly diverse portfolio of scholarships, awarded for need, for merit, and for the sake of strengthening underserved populations. Together, they support students in all degree programs—B.A., M.A., and Ph.D.—and in every faculty, and testify to our determination that no qualified student need forgo an education at Bar-Ilan.


Join Us in Unlocking Potential

By funding student scholarships at Bar-Ilan, you can empower disadvantaged students to achieve their full potential, encourage exceptional students to join our community, and expand the number of thinkers and doers united by a common goal: to better themselves, contribute to their society, and be productive citizens of a prosperous state.


Student Scholarships

Below Are The Scholarships Currently Offered By Bar-Ilan:


Purpose and Amount



$3,000 per student per year, which covers full tuition

Eligible students must prove financial hardship and receive the approval of the scholarships committee.

B.A. Need-Based Scholarships

Humanities: $5,000 per year, which covers full tuition
Sciences: $15,000 per year, which covers tuition and living expenses

Eligibility is determined by the scholarships committee.

M.A. Merit-Based Scholarships

$12,000 per student per year, which covers tuition and living expenses

Eligibility is determined on the basis of high-school grades and SAT/psychometric test scores.

Ilanot Merit-Based Scholarships for B.A. Stusdents

$5,000 per student per year, which covers the cost of tuition and living expenses not covered by the Israeli government’s subsidy

For students who have served in combat positions in the IDF

Combat-Soldiers Scholarships for B.A. Students

$2,500 per student as one-time incentive grant

For students who have served in combat positions in the IDF and are currently serving at least 25 days per year in the army reserves

Combat-Soldiers Scholarships for M.A. Students

$25,000 one-time award, granted to supplement the salary offered by the post-doctoral host university

For women who commit to a post-doctoral course of study abroad and to joining the Bar-Ilan faculty upon their return

Scholarships for Women’s Post-Doctoral Career Development

$20,000 per year per student for four years, which covers tuition and living expenses

For PhD students in all fields with demonstrated academic excellence. 

Presidential Doctoral Fellows of Excellence Merit-Based Scholarships

$6,500 per student per year

•    3-Year MD Track: $19,500 per student

This track is designed for Israeli students who have successfully completed 3 years of pre-clinical studies at a recognized medical school outside of Israel.

•    4-Year MD Track: $26,000 per student

This track is designed for students who have successfully completed a B.A. at an Israeli college or university.

Eligible students must express an intention to settle in the Galilee after the completion of their medical studies.

Medical School 3- and 4-year Program Scholarships

MSc: $18,000 per year per student

PhD: $25,000 per year per student

Scholarships cover tuition, housing, and living expenses.

Designed for MSc and PhD students at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine who express an intention to pursue research in the Galilee.

Galilee Fellowship for Graduate Students of the Medical Sciences

$5,000 per student per year, which covers living expenses. This scholarship is in addition to tuition fees, which are subsidized by the Israeli government.

An incentive to encourage the Haredi population to join the workforce. Female students study psychology; male students study accounting and economics.

Haredi Incentive Scholarship