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The Marketing and Business Development Division

Impacting Tomorrow, Today

סמנכ"ל שיווק ופיתוח עסקי, נעמה גת
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Naama Gat

 The Marketing and Business Development Division at Bar-Ilan University manages marketing activities in order to recruit students for academic degrees, certificate studies and a wide variety of non-degree courses held at the university.

The Marketing and Business Development Division is responsible for cultivating Bar-Ilan's image as a leading academic institution in both research and studies; strengthening its reputation and attractiveness among potential students, researchers and academia faculty members in Israel and abroad.

As part of the division’s business development efforts, events are held, with the goals of highlighting the university’s academic and social activities among the business sector, industry and graduates in Israel and abroad; and uncovering business opportunities that can promote the university, its researchers and research undertakings.

The division strives to improve services provided to students and cross-organizational communication among the academic and administrative staff and university management.

The division encompasses seven departments that collaborate to foster the university’s growth, in terms of the number of students and the quality of the service provided to them; and in strengthening a cohesive marketing strategy of all university units, to optimize the effectiveness of marketing activities at all levels.

The Marketing and Business Development Division includes the following departments: Marketing and Advertising, Digital Assets, Spokesperson’s Office, Events and Branding, Research and Analysis, Service and Recruitment Center, and Continuing Education.


VP Marketing and Business Development -  Naama Gat [email protected]

Department Team:

Administrative Head of Marketing - David Krausz [email protected]

Office Manager - Revital Azoulay [email protected]

Marketing and Advertising

ראש מחלקת שיווק ופרסום, ד"ר אפרת בודנר
ראש מחלקת שיווק ופרסום, ד"ר אפרת בודנר

The Marketing and Advertising Department is the professional team responsible for all the advertising and marketing activities of the university. The department strives to strengthen Bar-Ilan University’s reputation and promote its study programs.

The department team consists of professional managers, who collaborate with the academic units and are responsible for all aspects of advertising and publication. The department team works with advertising, media and digital agencies and produces a wide variety of publications and campaigns, in order to increase the number of students and highlight the research achievements and academic excellence of Bar-Ilan University.

Director of the Marketing and Advertising Department - Dr. Efrat Bodner [email protected]

Department Team:

Area Manager - Ayelet Oberman [email protected]

Area Manager - Liraz Levy [email protected]

Area Manager - Ruti Israel [email protected]

Area Manager - Eyal Stark [email protected]

Department Coordinator - Noya Cohen [email protected]


Digital Assets Department

ראש מדור נכסים דיגיטליים, ינון חיימי
ראש מדור נכסים דיגיטליים, ינון חיימי

The Digital Assets Department manages the key digital assets of Bar-Ilan University, providing access to information, telling the story of the university and describing its activities to potential students and the public.

The department is responsible for the creation of the content and its distribution on the Bar-Ilan University websites, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, as well as through e-mails and podcasts.

The department strives to increase brand awareness, strengthening the university's reputation as a leading educational and research institution, reaching broad target audiences and creating messages that support their preference for Bar-Ilan University. The department works to constantly improve the performance of digital assets, aiming to increase the number of students.

Head of Digital Assets Department - Yinon Haimi [email protected]

Department Team:

Content Manager - Ori Hillel [email protected]

English Content Manager - Victoria de Lieme [email protected]

Digital Manager - Yigal Gootin [email protected]

Website Manager - Gabriela Altife Cohen [email protected]

Department Coordinator - Sigal Kroytro [email protected]

Designer - Tzlil Atzmon  [email protected]

Social Media Manager - Chen Ben Ami [email protected]

Social Media Assistant Manager - Tali Kedma (student) [email protected]

Website Assistant Manager - Chen Klein [email protected]

Spokesperson’s Office

דוברת האוניברסיטה, ענת לב
דוברת האוניברסיטה, ענת לב

The Spokesperson’s Office represents the university when addressing the media. It maintains a close relationship with the university faculty in order to be fully updated and aware of Bar-Ilan University news and events at all times.

The Spokesperson manages the relationship with media and journalists, and initiates articles and content about the university and its activities. The Spokesperson’s Office also handles and manages media crises, public relations events, and the university's Twitter account.

The Spokesperson is also responsible for cross-organizational communication on campus.


Spokesperson - Anat Lev-Confortes [email protected]

Department Team :

Deputy Spokesperson - Michal Cohen Rosenfeld [email protected]

Deputy Spokesperson - Foreign Media - Elana Oberlander [email protected]

Spokesperson Coordinator - Yifat Hirshler [email protected]

Project and Communication Coordinator - Miryam Youness [email protected]


Customer Experience

The Customer Experience Unit brings together the Events and Branding Department, and the Service and Recruitment Center.

סגן סמנכ"ל שיווק, אביטל חרוב
סגן סמנכ"ל שיווק, אביטל חרוב

Department Manager –Deputy VP Marketing - Avital Haruv [email protected]

Events and Branding

The Events and Branding Department coordinates the production of the university's events and strategic marketing projects, including open days and large-scale conferences. It advises the university units and accompanies them in the production of the events. The department’s team serves as a source of information and as an operational unit, connecting the academic and administrative teams with the operational units during events. In addition, the department manages the Bar-Ilan branding, and its role is to develop the Bar-Ilan brand, while upholding the brand's values

Department Team:

Event Producer - Hila Amitai Mitrani [email protected]

Event Producer - Orit Oren Shaked orit.oren-shaked@biu.

Project Manager - Sharon Gavrielov [email protected]


Branding Manager - Irit Shpindler

Event Department Coordinator – Zofit Hatuka [email protected]

Service and Recruitment Center

The Service and Recruitment Center addresses the needs of potential applicants, current students  and university  graduates. The service provided at the center covers a wide range of issues, such as ordering permits, verifying documents, issuing payment vouchers and obtaining information.

The center offers services through several channels: telephone, WhatsApp, Zoom, chat on the university website and frontal service.

Manager of Service and Recruitment Center - Avital Haruv [email protected]


Center Team:

Manager of Knowledge and Work Processes - Niram Yehoshua [email protected]

Call Center Manager - Yodfat Sagman [email protected]

The Call Center team employs Bar-Ilan University students

Contact the Service and Recruitment Center via WhatsApp at 052-6171988


Research and Analysis

ראש מדור מחקר ואנליזה, רואי אדרי
ראש מדור מחקר ואנליזה, רואי אדרי

The Research and Analysis Department focuses on three areas: marketing research, marketing analysis and technological marketing developments.

Its activity includes holding satisfaction surveys among university students, conducting branding studies and designated studies according to the needs of the organization.

The department is responsible for the university’s student recruitment goals, measuring and monitoring performance with the goals. Furthermore, the department is responsible for the development and integrity of the marketing technology systems according to the organization's needs.

Director of Research and Analysis Department - Roy Edry [email protected]

Akadima: Continuing Education Unit

רננה בן-דרור פנדו
רננה בן-דרור פנדו

Akaima, the Continuing Education Unit coordinates all non-degree study programs and courses at the university (continuing education studies, professional certificate studies and non-degree studies). The unit develops new courses in the areas of professional training, personal development and enrichment, in accordance with the needs of the market.

The unit offers approximately 200 courses in a variety of fields to the general public, companies and organizations.

The courses are taught at different units throughout the university, under the framework of the Continuing Education Unit and are approved by an academic committee comprising Bar-Ilan University  faculty members.

Manager of Continuing Education Unit - Rennana Ben-Dror Pendo [email protected]

Website and Content Manager - Hadas Goldstein [email protected]

Director of Digital Marketing and Customer System - Amit Tobyas [email protected]