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Legal Advisor

The Office of the Legal Advisor addresses all the legal needs of the university, a recognized institution of higher education and a registered non-profit organization.

Its responsibilities include drafting contracts; issuing opinions; accompanying legislation pertaining to higher education; and implementing and interpreting bylaws (university bylaws, academic guidelines, administrative guidelines, and administrative directives).

The office also oversees tenders; disciplinary proceedings; issues related to labor laws; legal representation of the university; legal claims; consultation and representation vis-à-vis regulators (Council for Higher Education, Registrar of Associations, Registrar of Dedications, etc.); legal advice and accompaniment of the university's institutions, academic and administrative subcommittees, and academic and administrative units; and participation in inter-university legal forums.


Atty. Dror Frenkel, Legal Advisor

Atty. Dorit Yosef

Atty. Dikla Yazdi

Atty. Daniella Blum

Esther Zalkind –Office Chief

Sara Amitai – Office Coordinator

Hagit Berger – Secretary

Atty. Dror Frenkel, Legal Advisor