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01.06.2022 | ב סיון התשפב

Presidential Award for Doctoral Students

53 doctoral students received the university's Presidential Award for publishing articles in academic journals

מלגות הנשיא

On May 31, Bar-Ilan University held its annual Presidential Award ceremony during which 53 doctoral students in the field of humanities received awards in recognition of publishing academic articles in scholarly journals. 

The Presidential Award is granted to doctoral students as an incentive to publish articles, which the university views as an important aspect of scholarly research. This is the fifth year in which the award was given.    

Among the recipients were two doctoral students who published four articles this year and another seven doctoral students who published two articles this year. 

Academic articles are of vital importance to the world of science and scholarship. Through such publications, researchers and students can learn from one another and can be continuously and independently updated on the latest progress in their fields. Academic publications are also key components in the progress of researchers pursuing a career in academia.  

Furthermore, peer-reviewed scientific publications (whose articles are reviewed by experts in the field and deemed worthy of publication based on their quality, innovation, and scholarly contribution) also serve policy makers and even the legal system. 

Publishing an article is a rigorous process that can take months and even years. The process requires analytical skills, creativeness, and academic proficiency, both in the research phase and in the writing phase. For this reason, Bar-Ilan invests resources to encourage young researchers to publish articles in leading journals and, at the end of each semester, grants prizes to doctoral candidates who have done so.