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17.11.2022 | כג חשון התשפג

Bar-Ilan President Elected Chairman of Association of University Heads in Israel

Upon being elected to head the Association of University Heads, Prof. Zaban said he will work to strengthen Israeli academia and amplify its contribution to the state and the world

פרופ' אריה צבן

President of Bar-Ilan University, Prof. Arie Zaban, was chosen to serve as the Chairman of the Association of University Heads in Israel (VERA). Upon being elected to the role, Prof. Zaban said that he views the position as an important mission that complements his work as a lecturer, researcher, and university president. "Together with my fellow university heads, I will work to strengthen Israeli academia and to amplify its contribution to the state, its citizens, and humanity as a whole," he said.

"Basic research and excellent teaching have established academia as a leader of humanity's constant pursuit of knowledge. Academia serves as a home for future generations of researchers in all fields of knowledge, and this is a great time to be a scientist. Alongside with broadening understanding and gaining knowledge, we also get to promote and produce practical and necessary solutions to humanity's essential challenges. We are able to make an impact, already today."

Prof. Zaban has been serving as president of Bar-Ilan for approximately five years. He is an internationally renowned researcher and entrepreneur in the fields of material science and alternative energy. He served as a fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force and holds a bachelor’s degree (cum laude) in chemistry from Bar-Ilan and a doctorate degree (magna cum laude) in electrochemistry from Bar-Ilan.

After completing two years of postdoctoral research at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado, Prof. Zaban joined Bar-Ilan's senior faculty. He was also the founding Director of the Bar-Ilan Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials.

Prof. Zaban will replace Hebrew University President Prof. Asher Cohen, who completed a full two-year term as VERA Chairman.