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23.03.2023 | א ניסן התשפג

Annual Sphere Conference: Call for Abstracts

The annual transdisciplinary conference exploring challenges in care provision, reducing ‎inequities, and sharing success by presenting ground-breaking research in diabetes and ‎obesity


The annual Diabetes Sphere conference in honor of Ruth Salzman will take place on Wednesday, May 3, in Nazareth.

We are pleased to invite abstracts addressing the following themes:

•            Diabetes and Obesity clinical topics: Clinical research, lifestyle behavior change, reducing health inequities, implementation of intervention methods, intersectional social challenges, as well as new approaches to care and control.

•            Ethical aspects: In today's world of complex interventions and multiple research methodologies, what are the ethical considerations and planning needed to ensure working with patients and communities?

•            Education: development and implementation of new medical technologies and devices require continuous education and training to improve the work of healthcare providers.

•            Basic Science: finding a cure for diabetes through basic science research, looking at the interface of immunity, obesity, metabolism, microbiome, tissue regeneration, and their link to diabetes in its different appearances. Other aspects of basic science approaches addressing diabetes or obesity are also welcome

Abstracts should be in English and should not exceed 250 words.

Click here to submit your abstract.