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18.05.2023 | כז אייר התשפג

Religious Diplomacy in Mixed Cities

Akko, Belfast, and Malmo as Case Studies

Religious Diplomacy

The Conflict Management, Resolution, and Negotiation Graduate Program at Bar-Ilan University is proud to extend a formal invitation to the Third Annual International Conference on Religious Diplomacy. This conference will focus on the theme of Religious Leadership in the Mixed Cities of Akko (Israel), Belfast (Northern Ireland), and Malmo (Sweden), offering a comparative perspective. We are pleased to announce that the conference will take place on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, from 14:00 to 17:30 on Zoom.

In light of the unrest in May 2021 and the subsequent efforts to rebuild relations between Jews and Arabs, particularly in the mixed city of Akko, with which our Program has maintained an ongoing relationship.

It is essential to recognize the crucial role played by religious leadership in this undertaking. Similar endeavors have been taking place in mixed European cities, including Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Malmo, Sweden.

This unique conference aims to advance research and practice in the emerging field of religious diplomacy, with a specific focus on the challenges faced in mixed cities. We are delighted to announce a line-up of distinguished speakers who will contribute their expertise and insights. These esteemed speakers include:

  • Rev. Dr. Gary Mason, a Methodist Minister from Belfast deeply involved in Protestant-Catholic reconciliation efforts, particularly as the founder and director of the organization "Rethinking Conflict."
  • Rabbi Moshe David, Co-Director of the Amanah Organization in Malmo, Sweden, who has been at the forefront of advancing Muslim-Jewish partnerships.
  • Sheikh Abbas Zkoor, Imam of the Dhaher Amar Mosque in Akko, who has played a pivotal role in promoting Arab-Jewish relations in the city.
  • Dr. S. Ayse Kadayifci, an esteemed scholar affiliated with Georgetown University and the United States Institute of Peace, who will address the role of religious leadership in peacebuilding based on her world-renowned expertise.
  • Distinguished Professor of Social Work Roni Strier from Haifa University, who will discuss shared public spaces in mixed cities.
  • Dr. Daniel Roth and Dr. Ben Mollov, both affiliated with the Conflict Management, Resolution, and Negotiation Graduate Program at Bar-Ilan University, who will share their expertise in religious diplomacy, drawing upon various theoretical foundations and practical applications in the Middle East and other regions.

We are confident that this conference will contribute significantly to the field of religious diplomacy, particularly within the context of mixed cities. Attendees can expect engaging discussions and the opportunity to expand their understanding of religious leadership's vital role in fostering peace and reconciliation.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Third Annual International Conference on Religious Diplomacy and encourage you to register to this important event