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05.07.2023 | טז תמוז התשפג

109 BIU MDs Graduate!

The Class of 2023 graduates from the BIU Azrieli Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee to join the Israeli healthcare system

טקס רפואה

On July 3rd, 109 graduates received an MD degree from Bar-Ilan University’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee. The new doctors are the 12th graduating class of BIU’s medical faculty in Safed, which has trained 846 doctors so far.

During the graduation ceremony, senior healthcare professionals expressed their hope that the new doctors will remain in Israel’s northern region and work in the field. Some 40% of the new graduates originally come from this area, and 60% of all faculty graduates are women.

The current class is one of the largest to graduate since the program’s launch, and now, with the launch of the 6-year medical studies program, the numbers are expected to increase. A new building for the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine is being built in the heart of Safed, which will include 5,600 sq. meters of advanced learning spaces, an auditorium, a library, leisure spaces, a gym and cafeterias. The construction of the building was made possible through the generous contributions of the Azrieli Foundation, the Rothschild Foundation and the support of the Israeli government.

Among the chief advantages of the faculty and its study programs are the direct access to a diverse community of patients; the resulting exposure to a wide variety of health challenges; and the traditional training in medical centers in Northern Israel, which are affiliated with BIU’s faculty of medicine. Another advantage is the integrated training within the community, as part of the global trend which began during the COVID pandemic, with increasing focus on healthcare within the community, remote and home care.

"We look forward to seeing you here with us again, on the beautiful ridges of the Galilee. Return to where you came from, impact the Galilee community, and continue to grow Bar-Ilan University’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine,” BIU President Prof. Arie Zaban told the new graduates.