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19.11.2023 | ו כסלו התשפד

Reut Ganot

Reut Ganot is a 4th year student at the Bar-Ilan University Azrieli Faculty of Medicine. As a medical officer ranked as Captain in the Binyamin Brigade, she is responsible for three battalions.

רעות גנות

On October 7th, Reut Ganot, 31, was at the home of her sister’s in-laws. 'We celebrated the holiday together as a family, after I had been away for a while in military service,' she explains. ‘When the sirens started, we realized there was something unusual and made some calls to check what was happening. By 7:45, I received a message from the army to prepare for a callup. Within a few hours, once we understood the magnitude of the situation, I went to my parents' house, prepared my bag and medical supplies, and headed to the assembly area. It was clear to me that at such a moment, you do what needs to be done.'

Routine responsibilities for Reut in her military role include providing medical assistance across the Binyamin region: Treating soldiers, aiding road accident victims, whether Israeli or Palestinian, providing medical assistance to victims of attacks, and planning and preparing medical operations for the IDF in the area.

“Wartime activity is very different than our routine,” Reut explains. 'Sometimes there are 50-60 events a day, whereas on a normal day in routine there might be one or two, including events involving challenging treatments and evacuations.'

Reut's military service continued even as her peers returned to study at the Faculty of Medicine. 'I faced a dilemma,' she shares, 'whether to continue serving the front or return to the surgical routine. I made a decision with the faculty team that I would continue serving, and complete my duties later.'

Do you feel that your studies in the medical program contributed to your performance within the military framework?

‘Definitely. While I'm not currently practicing as a physician, I've had several significant events where my medical knowledge greatly contributed to the treatment. Also, my decision-making in event management has improved because of my background and training.'"


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