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20.12.2023 | ח טבת התשפד

AI-Generated Pro-Israel Videos

Bar-Ilan University students leverage AI technologies for using anti-Israel videos to generate pro-Israel content in 90 seconds

בינה מלכותית

Bar-Ilan University students have developed a project named FreeTruth, which uses AI to transform anti-Israeli videos into pro-Israeli content within 90 seconds. The primary goal is to rally Israel supporters in the media awareness struggle with minimum effort. The students plan to expand their AI-generated content from English to Spanish, French, Chinese, and even Arabic, to spread the Israeli perspective worldwide.

FreeTruth began as a collaboration between students and programmers, aiming to encourage all Israeli supporters to join the awareness battle with minimal effort. Rom Golan, a 27-year-old student of History and Philosophy, joined Yariv Gavriel, a 26-year-old Bar-Ilan computer science graduate who is currently serving in the Israeli air force reserves and works at envO startup. Gal Levi, 26, a Bar-Ilan Computational Biology graduate, who develops AI tech at Playtika, also joined the project. Initially, additional employees from the Israeli startup, env0, including programmer Itamar Malka and developer Or Loeinger, contributed to the FreeTruth initiative.

The project utilizes AI to analyze anti-Israeli videos, extracting the discussed topic and automatically generate a response video countering the claims against Israel. Their goal is to use anti-Israel videos against themselves and distribute the platform they've created, which allows anyone, even without computer knowledge, to contribute actively and efficiently to the awareness struggle by countering false narratives.

A significant portion of current initiatives focuses on monitoring pro-Palestinian videos, reporting them and requesting their removal. However, these efforts, though extensive, often result in minimal impact. FreeTruth invites people to participate actively by creating counter videos rather than merely reacting to videos that upset them.

Initially focused on data collection, Rom Golan and Yariv Gabriel searched for influential figures with millions of followers on social media, spreading inaccurate content irresponsibly and exploiting platforms to advance lies and propaganda.

“Like many Israelis, we were alarmed by our media awareness failure during the war,” said the developers. “We understood that the failure largely stems from our small numbers comapred to those of the other side. Our absence from social networks paves the way for anti-Israeli influencers who spread blatant fake news, antisemitic ideology, and particularly bizarre narratives.”

Understanding the limitations of dialogue on platforms like TikTok or Facebook, they found it challenging, if not impossible, to persuade people to switch sides. “Convincing users on TikTok to support an unpopular opinion is challenging. It’s much easier to create an initial doubt”.

The tool they developed generates numerous response videos to each of these videos, aiming to harness assistance from Jewish communities worldwide to disseminate these videos in multiple languages, ultimately reducing their numerical advantage.

The developers, who are working voluntarily, hope that when users encounter a video they dislike on social media will send it to FreeTruth via TikTok, receiving a counter video within a minute or two, ready for distribution. Their aspiration is for their AI character, Freya, to break barriers in the

network, speaking not just English but also Spanish, French, Chinese, and even Arabic to expose the truth globally.