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27.05.2024 | יט אייר התשפד

The Bar-Ilan & LinkedIn Career Club

The only club that equips you with future skills for the working world while pursuing your degree

Bar-Ilan Career Club

Bar-Ilan is proud to announce that we have partnered with LinkedIn, the global professional social network, to enable students to enhance their entry into their first career upon completing their degrees.

To succeed in the evolving world of work, we need to cultivate new skills, build a network of connections, and simultaneously strengthen existing skills.

We need flexibility, self-learning, creativity, time management skills, and the understanding that we must engage in lifelong learning to refine and reinforce critical skills.

As part of the "Career Club," you will receive unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning courses, enrichment lectures from LinkedIn Israel experts, and ongoing guidance and support until February 25.

And we are doubling it up:

For a limited time only, you can enter a raffle and opt to win a free LinkedIn Premium account for six months.

Sign up for the Career Club, bring a fellow Bar-Ilan student, and enter the raffle!

To apply for the "Career Club," please fill out this form.

Email us the name of the friend you brought to the club, and you'll be entered into the raffle for a chance to win a LinkedIn Premium account.

Why LinkedIn Premium?

The Premium plan for job seekers allows access to broader networks, more advanced searches, the ability to send direct messages to all users, the ability to track companies and users, and more.