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01.02.2024 | כב שבט התשפד

Bar-Ilan Open Days

BIU is hosting Open Days for future students to tour the campus, explore faculties and departments, and receive all the needed information before registration

תמונת ההודעה

Bar-Ilan University is hosting an Open Day on Friday, May 31, 9:00-13:00. The Open Day allows future students to tour the campus and its grounds, meet with administrative units and representatives of various departments and administrative units and receive all the information they need about study programs, tuition fees, scholarships, and the dormitory.

Watch to get a sense of Bar-Ilan’s Open Day:

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Why Bar-Ilan University?

Bar-Ilan is the fastest growing University in Israel due to its professional teaching methods, advanced science and research, the spectacular campus, and its rich community. The unique combination of Jewish enrichment and academic excellence is yet another reason for you to embark on your educational journey at Bar-Ilan.

Want to know more about the exciting things happening at Bar-Ilan University? Watch the video

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Which Field of Study is Right for You?

Choosing a profession or following a passion? Focusing on what I love, or focusing on what I am good at?  These big questions often arise with the search for the perfect university as, for the very first time in their lives, future students are faced with almost endless possibilities and free choice. 

One of the best ways to approach this big life decision, is to divide it into small, focused questions that will lead you to the bigger answer.

Here’s a list of questions for you to start with.

If deciding is still challenging, read through Bar-Ilan’s study program catalog. In the catalog you will find more than 400 study programs in diverse fields and disciplines where you will be able to zoom in on the type of degree, faculty and department that best suit your areas of interest.

Go for Advanced Studies

Advanced studies don’t only allow for unique opportunities in government and academia, but play a major role in your personal development.

Graduate studies provide knowledge and specialization in specific fields while acquiring analytical tools that go beyond the boundaries of the field of study. Studies that combine research are an experience and a challenge, enriching the researcher with critical and analytical thinking.

Keep in Touch

Don’t ‘t hesitate to email us! We will be thrilled to answer all your questions and help you reach one of the more important decisions in your life.

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