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07.06.2021 | כז סיון התשפא

Prof. Arie Zaban Reelected BIU President

Distinguished renewable energy scientist will serve additional four-year presidential term


The Board of Trustees of Bar-Ilan University has unanimously reelected Prof. Arie Zaban as president of the University. Shlomo Zohar CPA, Chairman of the Permanent Committee, announced the news in a letter to the Bar-Ilan community: "The momentum of the University's growth and development is evident on all levels: in advanced teaching and research output, in public discourse, in creating impact for our academic and public work, and in the impressive increase in the number of students enrolled at Bar-Ilan, while maintaining academic quality and boosting the University's standing in Israel and around the world. In light of these achievements, the members of the Board of Trustees expressed their confidence in Prof. Zaban and unanimously elected him to continue as president of Bar-Ilan University for an additional four years. With deep appreciation, I would like to congratulate Prof. Zaban on this appointment, and to wish all of us continued influential and fruitful joint efforts, in the spirit of our vision: "Impacting tomorrow, today".

Prof. Zaban: "I would like to thank the academic and administrative staff, researchers, and students for your dedication to the University's mission. Thank you for the commitment with which you work to meet the University's objectives and for your dedication to building an institution of glory. Your perseverance, ability to adapt flexibly to substantial and rapid change, your talent for creating smart solutions in the face of challenges, accurate advice, mutual support within teams and among teams -- all of these elements, which have been present throughout these years, took on even greater importance during the pandemic over the past year."

Prof. Zaban is a former combat pilot in the Israeli Air Force and a chemist by training who is behind a number of start-up companies in the field of renewable energy. Phinergy, a company based on technology developed by Zaban, recently completed an initial public offering on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Phinergy's aluminum-air and zinc-air technology provide clean energy generation and storage solutions for a variety of applications in energy backup, electric mobility and renewable energy storage.