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22.11.2021 | יח כסלו התשפב

Research with the Israel Electric Corporation

Center for Energy and Sustainability focusing on the global trend toward a transition to renewable energy

נשיא האוניברסיטה

The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) and Bar-Ilan University have signed a research collaboration agreement. In this framework, researchers from Bar-Ilan's Center for Energy and Sustainability will study various fields, including networks, artificial intelligence, storage, hydrogen, current stability and high voltage.

Bar-Ilan University is investing efforts and resources to expand its activities in the field of renewable energy through collaborations with the most influential companies, and, as part of this effort, the agreement has been signed with the IEC.

The global trend toward a transition to renewable energy requires entrepreneurship and innovation. The research center established on campus advises, initiates, and promotes research while building collaborations with industry players.

 "IEC is a national company that leads the energy economy in Israel and is therefore a natural partner for us," said Bar-Ilan University President Prof. Arie Zaban, a chemist specializing in renewable energy. "We are proud to cooperate with the IEC and to offer the vast knowledge we've amassed in academia to promote the energy economy in Israel for the benefit of all our nation's citizens. The concentration of industrial bodies that are members of the Center for Energy and Sustainability creates an interface for new collaborations."

 Ofer Bloch, CEO of IEC, added: "The energy revolution in Israel and around the world poses new challenges for the Israel Electric Corporation, and by promoting and encouraging innovation and an overall view of what is happening in the world, we are working to examine creative solutions that look to the future. All this and more, in order to meet Israel's 2030 target for 30% of electricity generation with renewable energy. Joining Bar-Ilan's Center for Energy and Sustainability is strategically important to the IEC, as research and development is a strategic tier for the energy revolution. The new center will facilitate connections between various industries and academia, and will enable us to become better prepared for the future."

The Bar-Ilan Center for Energy and Sustainability focuses on solar energy, photovoltaic cells, hydrogen economy, fuel cells, complex materials, biofuel development, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. The center's researchers hold an international reputation in the fields of energy conversion, such as energy accumulation and conversion systems, hydrogen generation and storage, development of rechargeable batteries, super-capacitors, electrical networks, superconductivity and efficient switching, high-energy density batteries and high-energy storage systems.