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Libraries and Information System



The Librararies and Information System accompany students and researchers at all stages of teaching, learning and research, and provide the vast range of information needs in a wide variety of fields of knowledge (disciplines). The Library and Information system has about one million books, printed and electronic, catalogs and indices, dozens of online databases and innovative discovery tools that address a variety of topics, as well as access to leading research tools and teaching software.  In line with Bar-Ilan University's special character, the Library System is constantly improving its collection of Jewish Studies. Today it is the second largest collection in Israel in this field. In addition, the Library of Jewish Studies has a comprehensive and distinguished collection of rare books and manuscripts.   

The Libraries and Information System consists of 20 faculty and department libraries. Each library maintains collections that reflect the relevant areas of knowledge and research, as well as innove45rt6y5434567876543234567890p-]refdszative learning spaces that enable productive and enjoyable learning. A team of professional and skilled librarians accompany the users of the library with advanced consulting services, personal and group training on how to search and use information sources, in addition to borrowing procedures and scanning services. The services to the users are provided in the libraries throughout the campus, as well as remote services via Zoom, email and phone.   

Even in these days of the Corona routine, we continue to provide service in the library and remotely. For more information on how to access the libraries, to learn more about our services and changes during this period, please see the Libraries and Information System website.  

  You are welcome to visit our website for any additional information, and for full details of all the libraries services



The Library and Information System