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08.02.2023 | יז שבט התשפג

Prof. Jean Soustiel elected to the Israeli National Academy of Science in Medicine

As part of his work with the National Academy, Prof. Soustiel from the BIU Azrieli Faculty of Medicine will promote medical research in Israel


Prof. Jean Soustiel, Associate Dean of Faculty Advancement at Bar-Ilan's Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, was elected as a member of the Israeli National Academy of Science in Medicine, an organization bringing together the best physician-researchers, to promote medical research in Israel.

Additional members of the Academy include Prof. Karl Skorecki, former Dean of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine; Prof. Chaim Putterman, Acting Dean of the Azrieli Faculty; and Prof. Jacob Bornstein, former Head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology  Department at the Galilee Medical Center in Naharia.

Prof. Putterman stated that Azrieli faculty were very pleased with the announcement, adding "Prof. Soustiel is not only a first-rate researcher and clinician, but he serves as Associate Dean of Faculty Advancement. His academic and professional involvement at the Faculty is most valued and appreciated, and we congratulate him."

Prof. Soustiel said that he considers it an honor to be part of a community of the best Israeli physicians and researchers. "My membership and that of my colleagues at the Bar-Ilan Azrieli Faculty of Medicine in this national Academy makes an important statement regarding the quality of medicine in the Galilee, which at times works under conditions that are not always ideal for academia to flourish. This election demonstrates the vital contribution of Bar-Ilan's Azrieli Faculty of Medicine as a medical research catalyst in northern Israel," said Prof. Soustiel.