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19.03.2023 | כו אדר התשפג

Prof. Zemira Mevarech to Receive the Israel Prize

Professor Emerita Mevarech , of Bar-Ilan University's Faculty of Education, will receive the Israel Prize on the country's 75th Independence Day for her contribution to research in education

זמירה מברך

Prof. Zemira Mevarech , of the Faculty of Education at Bar-Ilan University, was chosen to receive the Israel Prize in educational research “for being a pioneer, among the foremost in Israel in cognitive and meta-cognitive processes and promoting mathematical education in Israel and worldwide."

The Israel Prize committee noted that "Prof. Mevarech researched and developed innovative teaching methods to improve educational achievements in the periphery and among students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.” The method Prof. Mevarech developed is implemented in many schools throughout Israel and works to reduce educational gaps between students.

Among Mevarech's appointments over the years: Head of the School of Education at Bar-Ilan University and Deputy Rector, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Bar-Ilan, President of the David Yellin Academic College of Education, and Chief Scientist at Israel’s  Ministry of Education.

Prof. Mevarech participated in dozens of academic conferences and was a visiting university researcher.

The Israel Prize is the country’s most prestigious award given to Israelis for excellence and creativity in various fields. The prizes will be awarded at the culmination of the 75th Independence Day of the State of Israel, in a ceremony attended by Israeli leaders.