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21.11.2023 | ח כסלו התשפד

Letter of Support from Prague University

Prof. Jan Konvalinka, PhD, of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry & the Charles University in Prague proclaims the support for Israel by her institution and country


In times of darkness, it’s so encouraging to receive support from the Charles University in Prague, the largest Czech university, ranking among the world’s top 250 universities:

“In these turbulent times me and my colleagues are following the situation in the Middle East with great concern. I am terribly troubled by the current situation in your country…I would like to assure you and your colleagues at Bar Ilan University of the support from our Institute as well from myself personally…

We in Czechia often view Israel as an inspirational role model showing that even a small country can excel and succeed despite adversity. To show our support, we are flying the Israeli flag, together with the Czech one, in front façade of our institute.”


Read the full letter.