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03.03.2024 | כג אדר א' התשפד

Special Admission Track for Reservists

Open House on Friday, March 8

סטודנט חייל

University President Prof. Arie Zaban: “The war and the day after will require educated professionals who will be able to rehabilitate the State of Israel. I call upon young people to come and learn, for their future and ours.”

As registration for the 2024-25 academic year is set to begin, Bar-Ilan University is significantly expanding the "Academic Armor" framework launched at the beginning of the current year. The expanded framework will include a number of concessions, including an exemption for reservists from the psychometric exam and enrollment based solely on a matriculation certificate. The academic concessions are designated for IDF professionals and reservists, and members of the security forces.

This Friday, March 8, the University will host an open house for interested applicants to meet with representatives from the University’s ten faculties and 52 departments. The event will feature lectures on a variety of topics, scholarship information, and guided tours aboard campus electric shuttles. A special complex for IDF reservists will provide information about the numerous benefits available to them and lectures on resilience by post-trauma experts Prof. Rivka Tuval-Mashiach, Prof. Noa Vilchinsky and Dr. Avinoam Dahar. 

Bar-Ilan University is the fastest-growing university in number of students. In recent years, Bar-Ilan is among the three leading universities in Israel. The University has grown by 3,000 to a total of 20,000 students. Approximately 50% of these are advanced degree students engaged in research in disciplines ranging from medicine, computer science and engineering to philosophy, law and psychology. From the onset of the war, the entire university faculty mobilized through 56 diverse initiatives to make a positive impact on the resilience of all citizens and IDF reservists in particular.

The University recently expanded benefits for reservists who’ve already begun their studies. One of the significant concessions is an additional exemption from bachelor’s degree credits. Students who served in the army at least 100 days during the 2023-24 academic year will be entitled to an exemption of eight credits. Students who served for at least 120 days will be entitled to an exemption of ten credits. Additional benefits will include extended time limits for exams and withdrawal from courses at no additional cost. Thus far the University has invested approximately NIS 30 million in scholarships and additional adaptations for reservists.

Admissions concessions are designated for bachelor's degree candidates. Candidates who served 60 days or more in 2023 (beginning October 7, 2023) or those who served for more than 28 days in 2024 (beginning January 1, 2024) will be eligible, as well as professional military personnel and members of the security forces who served in 2024 in an extended period due to the war. Up to 10% of the applicants will be eligible for acceptance to this track. Acceptance is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bar-Ilan University President Prof. Arie Zaban: "The resilience and rehabilitation of the State of Israel rest on the more than 130,000 doctors, engineers, psychologists, economists, teachers and all academics who are trained every year by the higher education system and enable the State of Israel to be a functioning, strong, creative country that can deal with the difficulties it faces. The war and the day after will require educated professionals to rehabilitate the State of Israel. I call upon young people to come and learn, for their future and ours.”