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25.01.2024 | טו שבט התשפד

Prof. Eytan Gilboa Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Prof. Eytan Gilboa of the Bar-Ilan University School of Communication was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to worldwide research in international relations

איתן גלבוע

The Israel Association of International Studies recognized Prof. Eytan Gilboa of the Bar-Ilan University School of Communication in the Department of Political Studies with a Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to research in international relations in Israel and abroad.

Prof. Gilboa founded and headed the School of Communication and the Center for International Communication at Bar-Ilan. He is one of the world’s leading scholars in the areas of international communication and US-Israel relations.

He received MA and PhD degrees from Harvard University and has been a visiting professor at several top American and European universities, including most recently the University of Pennsylvania. He has published 15 books and over 200 articles.

Prof. Gilboa served as Chair of the Israel Communication Association, Chair of the Foreign Service Selection Committee, Chair of the Israel Public Diplomacy Forum, and Chair of the Political Science Committee at the Israel Science Foundation. He is a foreign affairs commentator on radio and TV and an op-ed contributor to media outlets in Israel and abroad. He has won several international awards, including most recently the ICOMM Distinguished Scholar Award from the International Studies Association.

The Israel Association of International Studies (IAS), which recognized Prof. Gilboa, focuses on a variety of fields such as diplomacy and foreign policy; national, international and regional security; conflict resolution and peace studies; international political economy; international law; and more. The association is a member of the International Committee of Associations for international studies, WISC - World International Studies Committee.

Congratulating Prof. Gilboa on his award, Bar-Ilan University President Prof. Arie Zaban remarked, “Nowadays, perhaps more than ever, we are reminded of the critical importance of knowledge and expertise in your field. For half a jubilee of your academic life, you engaged in research and teaching at Bar-Ilan University. Over the years you developed advanced research and tools, and raised generations of public servants, researchers, and government and media personnel who play a part in the key field of international relations.