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30.04.2024 | כב ניסן התשפד

This is why you should get your BA in Multidisciplinary Jewish Studies and English Literature

​​​​​​​Are you fascinated by the rich Jewish history, culture, and thought, and equally passionate about exploring the beauty and depth of English literature?


f so, pursuing a BA in Multidisciplinary Jewish Studies and English Literature at Bar-Ilan University's International School may be the perfect path for you. This unique program offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in two distinct yet complementary fields of study, providing you with a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the Jewish experience and English literary traditions.

Bar-Ilan University, a leading academic institution in Israel, is renowned for its commitment to excellence in Jewish Studies and the humanities. The International School attracts students from diverse backgrounds, creating a vibrant and inclusive learning environment that fosters intellectual growth and cross-cultural understanding. By pursuing a BA in Multidisciplinary Jewish Studies and English Literature, you will have the opportunity to engage with a world-class faculty, comprised of distinguished scholars and educators who are experts in their respective fields.

The Multidisciplinary Jewish Studies component of the program offers a comprehensive exploration of Jewish civilization, from ancient times to the present day. You will delve into the rich history, philosophy, and religious thought of the Jewish people, examining key texts, traditions, and cultural practices that have shaped Jewish identity throughout the ages. From the Hebrew Bible and Talmud to modern Jewish literature and film, you will gain a deep appreciation for the intellectual and creative contributions of the Jewish people to world culture.

Simultaneously, the English Literature component of the program will introduce you to the great works of English literature, from the classics to contemporary masterpieces. You will explore the themes, styles, and historical contexts that have defined the English literary canon, developing a keen understanding of the power of language and the ways in which literature reflects and shapes human experience. Through close readings, critical analysis, and comparative study, you will hone your skills in interpretation, argumentation, and creative expression.

In addition to the core curriculum, Bar-Ilan University's International School offers a range of extracurricular activities and opportunities for intellectual and personal growth. You will have the chance to participate in study abroad programs, research projects, and cultural events that will broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding of the world. The university also boasts an impressive alumni network, with countless writers, scholars, and leaders in the fields of Jewish Studies and English Literature. As a student in this program, you will have the opportunity to learn from and connect with these accomplished individuals, gaining valuable insights and mentorship that will help shape your future career.

Graduates of the BA in Multidisciplinary Jewish Studies and English Literature program at Bar-Ilan University are well-prepared for a wide range of careers in academia, education, publishing, journalism, cultural institutions, and beyond. The skills you will acquire in critical thinking, research, writing, and communication will be invaluable in any field you choose to pursue. Whether you go on to graduate studies, teaching, writing, or any other professional path, you will have the knowledge, creativity, and cultural literacy necessary to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Ready to sign up? 2024-2025 registration in now open! Secure your spot today: limited registrations remaining.