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17.01.2021 | ד שבט התשפא

Bar-Ilan Students Ace Israel Bar Exam

With a 92% Success Rate, Law Grads #2 in the Nation


This year, once again, Bar-Ilan University established itself at the forefront of the nation’s top universities whose law graduates passed the exams of the Israel Bar Association.

Bar-Ilan graduates had a success rate of 92%, surpassed only by Hebrew University graduates who had a general pass rate of 94%.

The Israeli Bar exams are the final hurdle that law students need to pass before pursuing a legal career in Israel, and it is not an easy hurdle either: the success rate in the last exam was 53%, and in the previous exam, held in the summer, it was 55%. Sixty-one Bar-Ilan LLB graduates took the last exam, with an average score of 70.6, and here as well, they were surpassed only by graduates of the Hebrew University with an average of 73.

Data provided by the Israeli Bar Association clearly attests to a higher success rate among university graduates as compared to college graduates, and among examinees who interned at the State Attorney’s Office or the District Attorney’s Office rather than at private law firms.