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26.12.2023 | יד טבת התשפד

Join BIU's Dialogue Program

Bar-Ilan's dialogue workshops bring together the religious and secular, and Arabs and Jews, in order to promote civil and inclusive discourse in Israeli society


Participants will receive an exemption from a Basic Jewish Studies course or from a general course.

Students attending BIU’s Dialogue Program are from all walks of life in Israel. During the meetings, an in-depth and fruitful dialogue takes place with the help of experienced facilitators from diverse disciplines and research fields. The constructive discourse helps to shape and deepen the personal and social identity of the program participants, and foster awareness of issues affecting daily life in the State of Israel.

Registration is currently underway for the workshops, which combine study and discourse between students – religious and secular, Jewish and Arab, and musical dialogue. For details by phone:  03-5318978, and additional details and registration