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17.02.2021 | ה אדר התשפא

COVID-19 Immunization Campaign

University offers the vaccine on campus


Bar-Ilan University, in cooperation with Magen David Adom, today opened a COVID-19 vaccination site at the University's Kofkin Faculty of Engineering for members of all Israeli HMOs.

Many have been vaccinated since this morning. By the end of the day hundreds of students, faculty members, contract cleaning workers on campus, and residents of Givat Shmuel are expected to receive their first dose of the vaccine. A second dose will be administered in the same location in three weeks.

Bar-Ilan's Department of Human Resources is overseeing the site, which includes a waiting area, three vaccination stations and a post-vaccination recovery area.

International students Damien Bégué (39), a native of France, and Husne Dereli-Bégué (36), originally from Turkey, were among those to receive their first jab. The couple arrived in Israel last July to conduct postdoctoral research in astrophysics in the lab of Prof. Asaf Peer, and plan to remain in the country for the next two years. Damien expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to be vaccinated "As foreign residents in the State of Israel who don't speak Hebrew, we encountered a language difficulty in coordinating the vaccine with the HMO. Bar-Ilan provided courteous and pleasant service to us in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines, so we were able to be safely vaccinated."

Shaked Stern, a 23-year-old student studying economics, business administration and human resources who lives and works at Park 100, Bar-Ilan's new dormitory complex, added that "The vaccination site is accessible and convenient, located in close proximity to student living quarters on campus. The vaccinations were conducted efficiently and quickly."