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13.04.2021 | א אייר התשפא

Influencing Gender Equality and Equity

Helping women to feel equal and welcomed at all levels of academia

prof orna sasson levy

Prof. Orna Sasson-Levy, of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and advisor to the BIU President on gender equity, notes that women today figure prominently among Israeli university students and graduates. However, they are underrepresented among academic faculty (especially in the sciences), among the higher academic ranks, and in academic management. This situation, she says, is related to the academic career structure (predicated on post-doctoral research abroad, which is particularly difficult for women), and pre-conceived notions about women's scientific capabilities.

Prof. Sasson-Levy aspires to improve the gender ratio in Bar-Ilan’s faculty, and bring about a change not only in numbers but also in organizational culture and gender consciousness, so that women will be equal and feel welcomed at all levels of academia.  Thus, she be will following BIU’s vision of gender equity, which states that: "Based on the principle of gender equality, social justice and the pursuit of academic excellence, Bar-Ilan University will work to promote women from all walks of life, regardless of religion, race, or nationality. The university will encourage women to excel in research and make outstanding scientific achievements, which will lead to the appointment of women to senior positions equal to those of male faculty members. The university strives to be the nation’s leader in promoting gender equality."

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