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13.06.2021 | ג תמוז התשפא

Israelectrochemistry 2021

BIU hosted the annual meetings of the Israel Electrochemical Society on June 16-17, 2021


Bar-Ilan University hosted Israelectrochemistry 2021– this year’s annual meetings of the Israel Electrochemical Society (ISEL) on campus on June 17, 2021. Convening electrochemists from academia, research centers and industry, the event opened with an online keynote lecture given by the 2019 Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry, Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham, who received an Honorary Doctorate degree from BIU in May. He spoke on “Lithium Battery Origins & Future Challenges/Opportunities” on June 16.

The theme of the 2021 meeting was “Electrochemistry – Future Trends and Perspectives”. Sessions focused on the following topics:

  • Electrochemistry for Energy and Environment
  • When Electrochemistry meets Spectroscopic Tools
  • Electrochemistry and Theoretical Methods
  • Sensors and Electrocatalysis

The annual electrochemistry meetings provide an opportunity for electrochemists from all fields and disciplines to meet, interact and initiate new collaborations. Participants hear about exciting applications using electrochemically-based technologies that are having a significant impact in the modern world, ranging from efficient batteries, corrosion prevention, electrocatalytical industrial processes to membrane treatment processes. They also learn of the strides made in the field of bioelectrochemistry, which lead to promising progress in energy-related applications, self-fueled biosensing and much more.

For the scientific program, click here.