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A New Academic Year Begins at Bar-Ilan University

View the pictures as the new year gets underway on campus
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Come Experience Bar-Ilan

Explore our cutting edge labs, centers and more
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Academic Year 2021-2022

Information about study areas, facilities and campus services
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A Moment In Time


Oktoberfest, on October 12, is a day of festivity for beer drinkers around the globe. The festival was first celebrated in Bavaria in 1810, on the occasion of a royal wedding, during which many liters...

World Mental Health Day

On October 10, Mental Health Day is observed around the globe and its importance is especially recognized during the Covid-19 pandemic period, when stress, anxiety and distress is on the rise, and man...

The Camp David Accords

On September 27, 1978, Israel’s Knesset approved the Camp David Accords. Dr. Nir Levitan, PhD graduate of BIU’s Conflict Resolution, Management and Negotiation Program, revisits the Israel-Egypt peace...

The Israeli Flag

On October 28, 1948, the blue-and-white “Flag of Zion” officially became the national flag of the State of Israel. Prof. Chaim Noy, of the School of Communication, discusses the power of symbols, and ...

Ze'ev Jabotinsky

On the anniversary of Jabotinsky's death, Dr. Yitzhak Conforti of BIU’s Koschitzky Department of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry, writes about the leader who was not only an ideologue and a poli...

101 Years since the Founding of the Haganah

Dr. Ephraim Lapid, of the Department of Political Studies, talks of the paramilitary organization which shaped the State of Israel