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20.10.2022 | כה תשרי התשפג

President Isaac Herzog Visits Bar-Ilan University

The President's visit centered on energy and climate issues, the focus of more than 60 research groups at Bar-Ilan

ביקור הנשיא

President Isaac Herzog and his wife, Michal, visited Bar-Ilan University today and met with University President Prof. Arie Zaban, Chairman of the Association of University Heads in Israel, university administrators, faculty and students.

Ahead of the launch of the 2022-23 academic year on Sunday, President Herzog said, "I congratulate all those entering the gates of universities and colleges. More than 300,000 young men and women who are fond of learning and thinking will begin their studies at the wonderful academic institutions of the State of Israel. They are the future of each and every individual. They are the future of society. Real solutions for changes occurring before our eyes in a wide variety of fields will emerge from here. I wish you all great success. Invest in your studies, good luck to all of you and, of course, to the teaching and administrative staff at all academic institutions."

Renewable energy and sustainability are at the core of Bar-Ilan University research. President Herzog was briefed on various groundbreaking technologies and research in these and other realms by faculty from a variety of disciplines, including life and social sciences, engineering, medicine, education and Judaic studies.

The visit began in the solar greenhouse, where pest-resistant basil is grown and solar panels produce renewable energy. The agricultural aspect of this research is led by Prof. Yigal Cohen, winner of the Israel Prize in Agriculture, in collaboration with Doral. As part of the research, the effect of shading and solar panel installation methods on the development of plants is measured, as well as their growth rate, susceptibility to disease, protection against extreme heat, water-saving consumption, and the quantity and quality of the crop.

President Herzog and his wife also met with a number of students, including Maryam Youness, daughter of a former South Lebanese Army member, Kuldeep Tripathi, a postdoctoral student from India, 17-year-old Ukrainian Maksymenko Mykola, who will begin studying for his bachelor's degree in math this year, Shani Zev, a postdoctoral student in computational chemistry, Benjamin Eisner, a postdoctoral student in philosophy, and Ron Levy and Alon Ozer, engineering students who developed a technology that assists pedestrians and prevents car accidents.

The visit concluded with a meeting between President Herzog and university administrators, including Bar-Ilan President Prof. Zaban, Permanent Committee Chairman Shlomo Zohar, Rector Prof. Amnon Albeck, CEO Zohar Yinon, Vice President for Research Prof. Shulamit Michaeli, Deputy President Prof. Moshe Lewenstein, Vice President for Global Resources Dr. Sharon Goldman, and Vice Rector Prof. Arie Reich.