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23.07.2023 | ה אב התשפג

Revital Peled

Meet this inspiring Cum Laude graduate of BIU’s Graduate Program in Organizational Consulting, and Co-CEO of the Shorashim company

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Revital Peled is an outstanding 2012 graduate of Bar-Ilan University's Graduate Program in Organizational Consulting. In recent years, Revital has returned to the Department of Sociology and Anthropology as a lecturer in organizational consulting and social psychology.

Revital also serves as the Co-CEO of Shorashim, a company focusing on consulting and organizational development. Shorashim supports change and growth processes for business, social and public organizations, in fields as education, health, finance, high-tech, and more.

In her work at Shorashim and in academia, Revital combines a psychoanalytic understanding with a systematic approach to groups, organizations and social processes. "The more we, as professionals, get to know, recognize and reflect overt and hidden processes that take place in the collective space, the better we will be able to contribute and promote individuals, groups and organizations toward optimal behavior.”

Her teaching content at the university, and her work at Roots complement each other. "This is an important link and connection between theory and practice. My classes are full of examples from the field, and the field work is based on a relevant theoretical understanding.”

"Studies in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology are characterized by a combination of theory and practice. During their studies, students are equipped with behavioral analysis tools necessary for building their professional identity, and for quality and professional work in the field.”

Revital describes the studies for a Master's degree in organizational consulting as a period of significant development, full of knowledge and inspiration. To this day, she maintains personal and professional relationships with lecturers and students from the program