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16.08.2023 | כט אב התשפג

75 AI Courses at BIU

Bar-Ilan’s new AI courses include: Prompt Engineering, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning in Medical Information, and Personalized AI Applications


Until recently, only professional researchers were familiar with artificial intelligence (AI). Today, AI technologies, featuring automatic analysis of enormous amounts of data, are no longer confined to labs and research institutes, but are being integrated in widely available applications.

Today, artificial intelligence technology offers users new, efficient and powerful work methods related to many areas of our lives, and this trend is expected to grow in the years to come. Prof. Jenny Bronstein, Chair of the Department of Information Science at Bar-Ilan University, says that "as artificial intelligence continues to shape our society and change industries, people who are able to communicate effectively with AI systems will enjoy a significant advantage."

Bar-Ilan University is actively engaged in advanced technological research and development of solutions that flow into the high-tech industry, and recently launched new and varied study tracks in the field of AI. In the upcoming academic year, students will be able to benefit from 75 courses and training in AI fields.

Among the offerings: A Data Science course focusing on machine learning in the Certification Studies program; a course on “Big Data and the Smart Space" in the Department of Geography and Environment; and courses such as "Introduction to AI” ,"Machine Learning" and “Learning Algorithms and Natural Language Processing" in the Department of Computer Science. The Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences offers courses on "Machine Learning in Medical Information" and "Customized AI Applications"; the Department of Political Studies offers a course focusing on the use of AI for security purposes; and the Department of Management offers a course on "Business Intelligence".

Alongside these courses, the Department of Information Science also offers a unique course on AI Applications and Prompt Engineering, for non-programmers. The course will be taught as part of a Master's degree in Information and Knowledge Management. It will allow students to acquire new tools suitable for the changing occupational environment following the emergence of AI applications – and will give participants the necessary tools for engaging in AI professions.

The Prompt Engineering training is unique. It is intended for students who are not necessarily programmers, but are deeply familiar with AI engines and the way they learn, work and communicate with users. Doctoral student Tal Eitan, one of the course developers, says that "the information professions are among the most sought after in the market today, and students in the department can enter the career world with the latest, relevant and most important tools for success in the industry."