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Bar-Da'at Podcast

Bar-Da'at, a new podcast app launched by Bar-Ilan University, features fascinating talks and lectures in English and Hebrew by our distinguished scholars and scientists, providing access to the University’s intellectual capital to people around the world.

The app currently offers 130 tapings in ten content categories, such as Influencing Tomorrow, Law and Order, Body and Mind, Society and Economy. The English section features scholars such as Dr. Baruch Barzel (Mathematics) on “Networks”; Dr. Ilana Blumberg (English Literature and Linguistics) on “We Are All Narrating All the Time”; Prof. Jeffrey Woolf (Talmud) on “Jewish Survival”; and Prof. Adam Ferziger (Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry) on “Intermarriage and the Emergence of a New Category of Jewish Identity”. Prof. Jonathan Rynhold (Political Studies), Prof. William Kolbrener (English Literature and Linguistics), Dr. Ben Mollov (Social Sciences, Conflict Management), Prof. Ari Zivotofsky (Brain Research), Prof. Aren Maeir (Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology), and Prof. Ed Greenstein (Bible) are also featured in the English section.

Additional content (in Hebrew) focuses on topics such as medical marijuana and science and longevity, whether the Rambam was ahead of his time, whether the cure for cancer may be found in our bodies, the criminal brain, and more. “We are delighted that we’ve created a channel that enables us to transfer our vast academic knowledge in a variety of disciplines such as exact sciences, life sciences, humanities and social sciences. The podcasts are available to anyone, anytime, anywhere,” said Bar-Ilan Chief Marketing Officer Naama Gat.

Podcasts can be produced immediately on trending subjects, such as the coronavirus crisis, turning the app into a kind of academic news channel. 

Bar-Da'at (בר-דעת) may be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store.