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Rector, Prof. Amnon Albeck

Prof. Amnon Albeck
Prof. Amnon Albeck

The Rector's Office manages the academic activity at the university and, handles regulations and procedures, evaluation of the academic staff and its activities, grants, awards and scholarships for the academic staff, scholarships for research students and post-doctoral fellows.

Prof. Albeck is a full-time professor in the Bar-Ilan University Department of Chemistry, Head of the Bio-organic Chemistry Laboratory and a member of the Bernard W. Marcus Center for Medicinal Chemistry. From 2014 onward he held the position of Vice Rector at Bar-Ilan University and in 2020 was appointed to the position of Rector.

Prof. Albeck’s research includes two main themes: enzyme catalytic mechanisms and inhibition, and organic synthesis of peptides and peptidomimetics. These studies are multidisciplinary, involving synthetic organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, enzymology, cellular biology and computational chemistry.
Prof. Albeck has published some 80 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. He earned research grants from competitive granting agencies (ISF, BSF, NIH), the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (MAGNET, KAMIN), and high-tech industries, and has also received personal and institutional equipment grants. Prof. Albeck has supervised 70 graduate and post-graduate students. He has been teaching a variety of undergraduate and graduate level courses in the fields of organic chemistry, biochemistry, and enzymology. He has coordinated teaching labs in organic chemistry, and lectures on laboratory safety. 
Throughout the years, Prof. Albeck has served on many university committees, including the university Appointment Committee, and is a member of the BIU Senate. He was one of the founders of Bar-Ilan’s Biophysics Program. In the past, he chaired the Department of Chemistry. Outside the university, Prof. Albeck has held additional academic positions, as a member of the National Chemical Chemistry Education Committee (Israel Ministry of Education), as a member of the Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee, and as a member of the Academic Steering Committee of the Carbohydrates Center at Ben-Gurion University. He also served on the Board of Executives of the Israel Chemical Society and on the Board of Executives of the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation.


Rector, Prof. Amnon Albeck

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