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Dean Prof. Zeev Zalevsky

Zeev Zalevsky
Zeev Zalevsky

Prof. Zeev Zalevsky completed his PhD studies in Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University in 1996 and joined Bar-Ilan University’s Alexander Kofkin Faculty of Engineering in 2003, as a senior lecturer and a researcher, after a productive period in the startup industry. He now serves as the BIU Dean of Engineering, a position he has held since 2019.

Prof. Zalevsky’s field of research is electro-optics, and specifically, imaging and super resolution, biomedical sensing and nanophotonics.  Prof. Zalevsky has published more than 1,000 articles, book chapters and books in his field of specialization, as well as some 100 patents.  He is a fellow of leading professional associations in the field and is the recipient of many national and international awards for his work. A number of the technologies developed in his lab were commercialized through BIRAD, the Bar-Ilan Research and Development Company, and have become leading Israeli start-ups.

As Dean of the Kofkin Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Zalevsky focuses his activities on promoting and gaining accreditation for new study programs (Industrial Engineering and Information Systems, Data Science Engineering, Materials Engineering, Software Engineering, Neuro Engineering track, Quantum Engineering track, and more); absorbing new students in these programs; expanding the Faculty’s physical infrastructure in order to enable an increase in both the numbers of researchers and students (for all degrees); and working to boost the faculty’s research output while creating fruitful and diverse connections with the high-tech industries in Israel and around the world.

Prof. Zeev Zalevsky