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Academic Secretary, Dr Orly Perl, Ph.D

ד"ר אורלי פרל
Dr Orly Perl, Ph.D

Dr. Orly Perl, the Academic Secretary at Bar-Ilan University, is involved in a wide range of topics in the academic-administrative field. Her role is to assist the Rector in implementing academic policies, as well as decisions of the University Senate and committees.

The main areas of focus for the Academic Secretary include responsibility for the management of study programs and approval by the council for higher education, formulation of academic regulations and rules, submissions to academic committees on behalf of the senate, and approval of academic publications.

The Academic Secretary also handles the area of academic certificates and student discipline. Additionally, she is responsible for coordinating with the Ministry of Immigration concerning scientists who have migrated to Israel, post-doctoral programs, granting approvals for academic recognition in foreign institutions, verifying data relating to university graduates for foreign institutions, translating academic approvals into English for students, and preparing the academic year schedule.

The Academic Secretary's office also includes the Scholarship Department, which grants scholarships based on financial needs for students. It is also responsible for scholarships under the authority of the rector.

Dr. Orly Perl holds a Ph.D. from London South Bank University and a BA in Life Sciences from Tel Aviv University. Dr. Perl completed her post-doctoral work at the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and worked as a research associate in the Immunology Department at the Weizmann Institute. In 2006, she joined Bar-Ilan University as the Research Lab Manager in the Faculty of Life Sciences. Subsequently, she served as the Head of the Scholarship Department, in order to promote academic studies for young people from low socio-economic backgrounds, IDF soldiers whose families are abroad, boarding school graduates, and first-generation academics. In 2023, she was appointed to her current position as Academic Secretary.

Dr. Orly Perl is a member of various university committees and actively participates in the "Israeli Hope in Academia" program. She is a graduate of directorship courses and serves as a member of the Board of Directors.

Academic Secretary, Dr Orly Perl, Ph.D