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Dean of the Faculty of Exact Sciences Prof. Uzi Vishne

פרופ' עוזי וישנה
פרופ' עוזי וישנה

The Faculty of Exact Sciences at Bar-Ilan University is internationally recognized for its achievements in pure and applied research and for the quality of its educational offerings in its four academic departments (Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics). Over 2,000 students study in the faculty's B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD programs. In addition, there is a large and vibrant community of post-doctoral fellows and senior scientists from around the world involved in cutting-edge research projects in the faculty's various departments and research institutes.

Professor Uzi Vishne has been serving as the Dean of the Faculty of Exact Sciences since 2021. He began his academic career at Bar-Ilan University where he completed his bachelor's degree in the framework of the Israel Defense Forces' Academic Reserve program. He then served as a mathematician and head of the research division of the IDF's C4I Corps, during which he completed his master's and PhD degrees at Bar-Ilan. Following his PhD he completed a two-year postdoc at Yale University.

During his studies he was awarded the Rothschild and Fulbright scholarship and won the prestigious Levitzki Prize of the Israel Mathematical Union.

Prof. Vishne's field of study is algebra – commutative and non-commutative, associative and non-associative – with applications to combinatorics and other fields. He authored some 60 articles on central simple algebras, growth of algebras, and geometric and arithmetical applications.

Prior to his role as dean, Prof. Vishne served as the head of the Department of Mathematics at Bar-Ilan. He was also a member of the Appointments Committee and in various committees in the Senate, and served as the Senate's representative on the Permanent Committee. He also served as the head of the University's Youth Academic Program for Mathematics.

Prof. Uzi Vishne