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Chief Information Technology Officer, Assael Movshovitz

עשהאל מובשוביץ
Assael Movshovitz

Assael Movshovitz has been the Deputy Director General for Information Technology at Bar-Ilan University since 2008. He holds a master’s degree in law from Bar-Ilan University and a bachelor’s degree in physics with a specialization in electro-optics from the Jerusalem College of Technology (Lev Academic Center). As a colonel in the Israeli Air Force, Assael was involved in the establishment of Ofek, the computer unit of the Air Force, and he also served as the unit’s first commander.

As Deputy Director General of IT at Bar-Ilan, Assael is responsible for the university’s computer infrastructure and information systems with regard to development, maintenance, support and implementation. In terms of information systems, the IT Division oversees the organization’s core systems: ERP (human resources, procurement, finance, logistics, and research) and the student administration system that handles every stage of the student’s life on campus – from the moment he/she applies to the university until graduation, and even afterwards, websites, email system and more. In terms of infrastructure, the IT Division is responsible for the campus communications infrastructure (including wireless Internet infrastructure), the computer hall, storage and backup service, IP telephony systems, DR (Disaster Recovery) systems, information security and more. 

Assael Movshovitz