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Vice President of Development, Dr. Sharon Goldman

Dr. Sharon Goldman
Dr. Sharon Goldman

Dr Sharon Goldman is Vice President for Development at Bar-Ilan. She works with Bar-Ilan’s leadership to develop high level projects that will strengthen and enhance the university’s academic and research goals. She oversees an international team who work to raise the necessary resources to operationalize the vision and goals of Bar-Ilan.

A frequent speaker and writer on Zionism, the American-Jewish diaspora, and the US-Israel relationship, Sharon has published articles in The Forward, Commentary magazine and The Times of Israel.

Before joining Bar-Ilan’s leadership team, she was a Vice President at Shalem College in Jerusalem, and the Director of their America-Israel Studies program. Prior to making Aliyah in 2018, Sharon served as AIPAC’s Northeast Region Deputy Director and Regional Political Director for over 10 years; and was previously a professor of Political Science.

Sharon received her doctorate in political science from Yale University in 2001.


Vice President of Development