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Supporting Medical Students in Reserves

Israeli soldiers who study medicine abroad can now enroll in Israeli faculties, to mitigate academic disruptions and support students


The Forum of Deans of Medical Faculties in Israel has developed a framework for integrating students who study medicine abroad, but are now serving in the IDF reserves during the Iron Swords war, and are unable to resume their studies, into medical faculties in Israel. This initiative acknowledges their contributions and aims to mitigate academic disruptions.

The forum has outlined criteria allowing for the integration of these students into medical faculties in Israel as early as the upcoming academic year of 2023-2024. To implement this plan, a national admissions committee has been established, with representatives from all medical faculties in Israel. This committee will review applications and determine the number of accepted students based on each faculty's capacity to accommodate additional students.

Of couse, securing full funding by the Israeli government is a prerequisite for executing this framework.

For comprehensive details on the outline, candidacy criteria, and specific conditions, please refer to the mail.

Interested candidates can submit their applications, along with the required documents, to the following email address

Furthermore, the deans' forum has decided to extend recognition to candidates enrolled in medical studies this year (2023-2024) who were drafted to reserves service. These individuals, having completed the entire medical admission process but falling short of a few points for admission, will also be considered. A limited number of these candidates will be selected promptly, and details will be announced.