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Celebrating 60 Years

Dangoor Centre salutes South Korea-Israel relations


The Sir Naim Dangoor Centre for Universal Monotheism in the Faculty of Humanities hosted a festive conference marking 60 years of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Israel.

"If in the past Korea was a mystery to the majority of the Israeli public, in the last two decades Korea has become present in almost every home in Israel. "Korean cars, electronics and cell phones have revolutionized Korea's image and status in Israel," noted Dr. Danielle Gurevitch, Director of the Dangoor Centre, who hosted the event.

"Korea was the first country in Asia with whom Israel signed a free trade agreement, an agreement that made it possible to upgrade the volume of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries, and significantly increase trade between the two countries," added Gurevitch.

"The Abraham Accords will make it possible to build economic cooperation between Israel, South Korea and the Gulf States, and will expand Israel's presence in the region," said Haim Hoshen, former Israeli ambassador to Korea and guest of honor at the conference.  Hoshen also noted Korea's cultural presence in Israel, reflected in the popularity of Korean drama and particularly Korean kipop. In early March 2022 a new President of Korea was elected. President Yoon Suk-yeol's entry to the Blue House opens the door to furthering relations between the two countries," concluded Hoshen. 

Additional participants in the event included Dr. Ira Lian, of the Hebrew University, and Korean studies specialist Dr. Alon Levkowitz., from Bar-Ilan's Faculty of Humanities, who organized the event. Musician Nava Klil Hahoresh gave a Korean musical performance.